Saturday, 28 June 2014

Between the showers

Lots of rain today after a few claps of thunder. Managed to get outside for half an hour, dead head some shrub blooms and tie up new delicate looking shoots of the tamarix, which I pruned last year because it had become top heavy. Not that there's anything delicate about a tamarix, even though they look it. They will survive pretty harsh treatment and conditions.

The stick I planted looks happy. Fingers crossed.

The waterfall was still leaking somewhere, despite my efforts. The outlet pipe (which is a length of watering hose) felt wet at the back when I ran my finger along it and I think perhpaps the upwards angle is causing a problem, so I've rearranged the back of the waterfall so that the pipe now comes in and points downwards. It's not so good for creating a trickling effect as the pipe is nearer the surface of the little reservoir at the top of the waterfall but without a major project that's the best I can do at the moment. If it still leaks after this, I shall have to take the waterfall apart and rebuild it, something I want to avoid doing as it's made of dry stone and it's a devil to fit them together so they look natural and still do the job properly.

It's an ugly job but somebody has to do it!

The pond is still clear. The small bale of barley straw I put in there last spring is still afloat on the surface doing its job. Apparently its the heat that makes the straw decompose so that it works properly to keep algae at bay, so I've tied it in its netting to keep it at the top of the pond and weighed it down with a gargoyle.

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