Friday, 27 June 2014


Yesterday a damsel fly with a bright red tail was flitting around me as I headed for the 6 foot high, 3 foot wide, 50 ft long overgrown hedge with my cordless hedgecutter. Horrid job. There's a huge bramble growing out of the middle of the hedge so I can't dig it out. Much scratching and cursing!

Last night, after tea with said inlaws, it was raining when me and Himself came home to find a stone coloured frog sitting outside the gate ready to greet us. We shushed him back in away from the road. Hope he found some nice fat slugs!

My inlaws had a jay in their garden a few days ago. I am very jealous.

Jay photos by Steve Dewey. See more of his amazing photos at flickr and keep up with his writing and wildlife photos

A reliable source tells me that jays are low feeders and will eat peanuts, suet and household scraps.

The solar lights are struggling as the foliage grows bigger. We have a very tightly packed secret garden and it's difficult to find places to put the solar lights where they get enough sunlight. The Royal Horticultural Society says that "solar-powered lights emit a very dim light that is unlikely to affect wildlife". I've yet to see a pole dancing frog strutting her stuff under the colour changing disco-style solar lights so I suspect they may be right.

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