Monday, 30 June 2014

Pot Vandals

The waterfall seems to have stopped leaking now. I noticed something has been knocking over the plant pots at the top of the garden with solar lights in. Cats? Hedgehogs? Clumsy pigeons? I am tempted to invest in one of those hedgehog tunnel things that mark the footsteps of whatever runs through it at night, but frankly am a bit worried about what I might discover is lurking in my garden. Not sure how I would cope with tiny little shoe prints...

Also at the top of the garden is a blue plastic toybox that got left out and filled up with water. Fred the frog lives there all on his own. He doesn't seem to want to mix with the other frogs in the pond. 

I keep it topped up so he can hop out if he ever wants but I don't think he could hop back in and so I'm pretty sure he hasn't left it for several years now. Perhaps I should ask him if he saw who knocked over the plant pots...

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