Sunday, 13 July 2014

Alien abductions

Fred the frog has been evicted from his blue box at the top of the garden and gone to live in the pond with his fellow amphibians. I felt it was neccessary to address his social exclusion and hope he will find the new accomodation more roomy and interesting.

I've removed some of the duckweed from the top of the pond and now you can see a little of what is going on underneath. I find this works best with a torch at night. The frogs don't seem to notice the light but I can't help thinking of those films where a brilliant light shines down and people are abducted by aliens. Who knows, maybe the aliens are fulfilling a similar pastoral role to the one I have just conducted on Fred. 
The plants in pots have been re-arranged so that the bird feeders on the beech tree I keep in a pot don't hang near anything else due to the unprecedented amount of bird poo emanating from the hordes of starlings attacking the seed and mealworms hung there. I am constantly squishing water jets on plants and garden furniture in an effort to clean the stuff off. It's the price you pay for having so many lovely birds visit your garden, I suppose. Well, that and exorbitant price of the mealworms!

Plants seem to be flowering and going over very early this year. The orange hemerocalis has already finished although the yellow one is still going strong and the japanese anemone has strong buds ready to open soon. The hostas are more chewed than usual as I have cut down the chemicals I am using in the garden this year. I've used copper tape around some of the snail's favourite plants like the hostas and the few bedding plants I use to add some colour on gravel. I've netted the tomatoes and strawberries and placed their pots on gravel too.

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