Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Spare parts

The spare gunnera in an old dustbin next to the house
It's amazing how quickly the pots dry out in this weather. I fed and watered them today. The gunnera was drooping rather sadly so it had ten minutes of water and feed. I wouldn't want to keep a gunnera if I was on a water meter. As it happens, I have two. One in a bog garden and a spare one growing in a dustbin up against the house wall just in case we have such a hard winter that the main gunnera gets killed by frost. I do cover them both  up nice and cosy before the first frosts at the end of the year.

The old tall cordyline

A couple of years ago I lost the cordyline I had growing by the pond. It was at least twelve feet tall at the time and I couldn't reach it to cover the crown. 

The new double cordyline

The harsh winter killed off the top and the trunk became damp and mouldy  and eventually the bark fell off. The smell of damp, rotting wood was very strong.

I was gutted when I had to cut it down but fortunately, within a few months, it had sprouted from the bottom and two of the four shoots have thrived so I now have a double trunked cordyline growing instead. It's doing very well and growing fast, probably because it already had a good root system underneath. I still have a spare one in a pot just in case, though...

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