Friday, 4 July 2014

The window box

The breeze has turned to wind and the sky has clouded over. Mr and Mrs Sparrow are taking advantage of the absence of the starling squad to get at the mealworms in the window feeder.

When we first put the window feeder up in the spring the only bird using it was a feisty robin diving in and quickly pinching a mealworm at a time. It took a couple of months before the sparrows caught on and started coming for supplies in the breeding season, at which point there was often a queue of sparrows and the old argumentative flutter. Since the starlings got the hang of it they are the ones most often feeding there. I can tell whether a sparrow or a starling has landed in it by the volume of the clunk without looking up.

I'm quite used to them being there now and they don't mind me sitting here on my computer as long as I don't go too near the window.

Recently we went on holiday and I told Himself there would likely be a row of birds on the windowsill peering in wondering where he was. When we got back there was a starling perched on the windowsill looking around as if he was wondering where all the food had gone.

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